Wednesday, June 11, 2014

VCE Exam Simulator

What is VCE Exam Simulator

Updated November 2017*

One of the most important tool that any person planning to take a certification exam for Information Technology is having a copy of test reviewers. These reviewers are commonly referred to as " exam dumps". What sets it different from other reviewers is that they contain the actual questions for the actual exam! Depending on the quality of the exam dumps, they can contain as much as 100% accurate questions compared to the real exam.

Professional exam dumps also have options to included explanations to the questions, thus making it easier for the reviewee to understand the concept and not just memorize the answers. These dumps are usually on .VCE format which can be opened using the VCE Exam Simulator Program.

VCE - Visual CertExam

VCE stands for Visual CertExam, is an application that enables users to create,edit, and open .VCE files. Theoretically, VCE Exam Simulator can be used for preparing any exams, but are most commonly used for IT Certification exams like CCNA,CCNP, ITIL, Redhat and more.

VCE Exam Simulator can be downloaded on Avanset website. If it costs too much for you, we also provide a link for free VCE Download below. This is our way of giving back to the IT community that helped me become certified for Cisco and ITIL a few years ago.

1. Install the VCE Player using the main installer file found on the link below.

VCE Download v2.1 Main Files and Installer

2. Download the additional files on the link below and paste them on the installation folder of the original VCE installer. Replace the Manager and Designer files.


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